Application Engineer
    Job Description
    - Help customers in evaluating and deploying Dorado's ECO products.
    - Strong technical background in static timing analysis and equivalence checking are required for effective on-site support.
    - Customer interface experiences or interests is a plus for the jobs including running evaluation, training, and pre-sale
      presentation with sales.
    Preferred Location
    - Hsinchu, Taiwan
    - Sunnyvale, CA
    - San Diego, CA
    - Bangalore, India
    Job Requirements
    - 3+ years of experience in application engineering related field.
    - Strong knowledge of complete RTL to GDSII flow, especially the challenges of nanometer design.
    - Self-motivated, good team player, but able to work independently.
 Software Engineer
    Job Description
    - Responsible for developing Functional ECO algorithm and architecture.
    Preferred Location
    - Hsinchu, Taiwan
    Job Requirements
    - 3+ years of experience in EDA development related field.
    - Strong C/C++.
    - Familiar with Qt.
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