New Feature Update: “Tweaker-R1 Reliability Recovery”
1 JUN 2018

Dorado Design Automation, Inc. today announced the Tweaker-R1 reliability recovery solution, the industry’s first ECO solution to avoid the high timing variation cells for overall design productivity and thus, fast time-to-market. The unique and first-of-its-kind reliability recovery solution consists of V-min ECO and IR drop ECO as follows:

V-min ECO

The purpose of V-min ECO is to reduce the number of user-specified high timing variation cells whereas the lower VT cells have better voltage scalability in timing than higher VT cells. So the decrease in V-min cell count with timing and power impact well watched will help to reduce the timing variation for high speed paths with timing and power performance kept intact. The feature is especially useful for high speed FinFET designs which are not that power sensitive but variation sensitive.

IR-drop ECO

The IR drop issue is always influenced by number of factors. One-way information like timing, power, or IR drop won’t be sufficient to analyze the issue. Tweaker-R1 helps us to integrate all design information on a single platform. This platform integrates information including Timing, Power, and Physical maps…etc. It results into the reduction of efforts required for data crossing with different tools and manual ECO time.

Tweaker-R1 is now able to manage IR drop violations in such way that user is able to see the IR drops present on the every pin of the instance with addition of timing and power information.

Tweaker-R1 also provides very powerful GUI for IR drop manual ECO. With the GUI, users not only can investigate the design challenge from various views like IR/Timing/Physical views, but also apply fix with the IR/Timing/Physical results updated instantly. Learn more about Tweaker at Tweaker-R1 Reliability Recovery

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