New Feature Update: “Tweaker-A1 Area Recovery”
1 MAY 2018

Every SoC design closure takes significant amount of time and engineering resource, especially when there are many iterations of the ECO. In that case the physical resource is getting lesser and lesser, and ECO challenge is getting higher and higher, even worse, if we don’t plan well in the beginning, it is very easy to run out of physical resource at the final stage then impact tape out schedule.

Aiming to squeeze out more physical implementation resource, Dorado provides Tweaker-A1 to help users extract more placement and routing resource at the critical final stage. For example, Tweaker will collect existing cells with enough timing margin to be considered as candidates to release some space, say by sizing down or removing the redundant cells. Another example is that Tweaker will integrate many small pieces of free spaces smartly in order to provide more free space. The strategy of Tweaker-A1 is basically looking for redundant performance and unused physical resource then having them consolidated for later ECO to use.

Through real cases on field test, we observe that Tweaker-A1 helped our customers’ critical designs reduce 20% of critical timing violations and make timing closure much easier. A happy side effect is that Tweaker-A1 also lowers down the power of the design and makes ECO route easier as more area and routing resource are recovered.

Tweaker-A1 can be seamlessly integrated into your existing ECO flow with very little effort. With Tweaker-A1 in the ECO flow you will tape out your chip much earlier with minimum redundancy. Learn more about Tweaker at Tweaker-A1 Area Recovery

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