Dorado News: “The Reliability Challenge and ECO Solution in Advanced FinFET Technology”
10 AUG 2018

As chips getting smaller and more complex, we see many chip designers are looking for a solution to improve the reliability of their chips. To make a chip last a longer life cycle and have higher stability in all conditions, Dorado, the ECO pioneer develops an advanced ECO platform dedicated in providing professional reliability recovery solution.

One key challenge to improve the reliability is to identify the root cause before addressing the problem. For example, IR-drop will induce timing variation; it causes new timing violations to pop-out. So, for timing closure, instead of optimizing timing on those paths, we should consider how to improve the IR issues first.

Using Tweaker-R1 Reliability Recovery solution, we see how this ECO platform can target various issues related to reliability through a well-integrated and user-friendly interface. In the platform, users can easily perform any desired ECO operations for analyzing the issues and solving the problems. The system provides GUI Maps such as Design, IR, Timing, Power, and Physical information so users can cross check the design hot spots and the system also provides available resources to find out the ECO bottleneck.

Through the GUI view, users can quickly edit, apply and see the updates of the ECOs; if there is timing impact, the ECO platform will display warning messages instantly.

Dorado uses this structure as the foundation to develop more reliable ECO solutions for designers. It will help reduce the risk of ping-pong effect by cross probing the problems, and also help optimize all of designs with higher quality ECO results. Learn more about Tweaker-R1 Reliability Recovery


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