NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT: "Tweaker SignOff Closure Platform"
27 FEB 2020



By providing ECO and Design Recovery solutions to the industry for more than a decade, we are happy to see the benefits Tweaker brings to users. However, the challenge to sign off a chip on schedule never stop increasing. In responding to the challenges, Dorado, in 2020, further expands the Tweaker ECO Platform to Tweaker SignOff Closure Platform aiming to provide a more complete incremental optimization solution for faster and reliable sign off closure.  


What’s New in the Tweaker SignOff Closure Platform?
  1. The new Diagnosis features – Plexor and Monitor, which will closely work with the existing ECO features by providing the design specific eco recipes (Plexor) and monitoring the job status and results (Monitor).
  2. Two new ECO related features, Pruner and HPO (High Performance Options), which dramatically improve the TAT and QoR of our major product Tweaker-T1.


Plexor introduces the innovative check-than-eco concept in order to know if a design is ready for eco. With diagnosis, Plexor qualifies a design in advance and provides design specific eco recipes. Compared to the conventional eco-than-debug methodology which usually launch a typical eco without pre-diagnosis, Plexor avoids unnecessary try-and-error iterations and ensures efficient and reliable converge.  


Monitor keeps the job progress and eco results well monitored, and provides statistic numbers by tracking the pairs of eco recipes versus metrics of eco results. Monitor maintains the whole picture of the eco run for team members to know what the status is and easily decide the following strategies toward converge.  


Pruner provides data pruning features for faster eco without sacrificing quality. It consists of two major functions: Hierarchy Pruning and Corner Pruning. Hierarchy Pruning helps users easily specify the blocks of interest for eco, so that the eco engine will be off loaded, and fast. This is very useful when fixing the final hundreds of violations for a huge hierarchical design. Corner Pruning automatically identifies the critical timing scenarios without losing the information of the non-critical scenarios for eco. 


HPO provides high performance features for faster converge while with better quality. Adaptive ECO dynamically fine-tune the eco recipes based on the results of the previous run than launch another incremental fix. Resource Aware ECO relies on the innovative Grid-Based Resource Database containing various key information, such as space, power, congestion, and even IR information, to enable running eco with multiple types of resource aware. It’s like a car equipped with multiple safety sensors.  


    In addition to the new features, Dorado keeps closely collaborating with leading foundries to support the most advanced technology nodes such as 5nm and below nodes. It ensures the Tweaker Signoff Closure Platform always ready for the most advanced chip designs.  


    In summary, 2020 is the year we expand the existing eco solutions to cover more real needs for faster and reliable sign off closure. The new features are expected to be released one by one starting from the beginning of Q2. Details of each new feature will be introduced later in each E-News published. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know the details of any specific new product.  


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