11 Mar.

Metal ECO



AM 11:00




Metal ECO is very common in today’s semiconductor industry for either functional change or timing closure at post-mask stage. Sprinkled spare cells and gate array body throughout the design limit available resources for users. Hence, how to efficiently make use of them is the key to successful tape-out.


For timing fix, Tweaker-M1 provides automatic solutions in a highly efficient way.Apart from the usage of spare cell and gate array cell, we develop diversified techniques to gain more physical/logical resources in the vicinity of violated paths to converge timing closure. For ECO remapping, Tweaker synthesizes logical cells and does fast remapping for saving spare resources.


We'll not only introduce Tweaker-M1 features but also demonstrate how to operate the resources to do metal ECO in our user-friendly platform in the duration of 1-hour session. Warmly welcome you to join with us.



n   Tweaker-M1 Introduction

     - Metal ECO Concept

     - Tweaker-M1 ECO in Post Mask Flow

n   Resource Technique

     - Cell Stealing

     - Recycle Floating Cones & Redundant Cells

     - Constant Cells

     - Mix Spare Cell & Gate Array Cells

n   ECO Remap & Synthesis

     - Concept

     - ECO Remap Flow


n   Each session should be registered independently.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive the online session link and info two days before the session.


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